It has been a while since I posted anything…but that’s mainly because I haven’t been doing a whole lot of tech stuff recently. This is, at least partly, due to the fact that my setup has tended towards just working! I attribute this to using Docker more extensively - updates rarely break anymore. I don’t have to manually update as much stuff (Nextcloud was always the biggie that decided to break).

Anyway, as an update to what has been one of my most-viewed Blog posts, I recently got a new TV and needed to record some IR codes in Home Assistant. I found that Home Assistant has completely changed how it handles this…like it changes just about everything on a regular basis. I had to re-learn it and then publish it incase I need it again.

Learning command codes

I’ll assume the Broadlink IR device is already integrated into Home Assistant - I don’t think that process has much changed. Learning command codes is somewhat easier now…if you know where to look in the GUI. Head to Developer tools and Services, where you can select the service Remote: Learn Command. Once this is done, choose your Broadlink device as the entity and note the device name you want to learn a command for. In my case…television. Next simply name the command you want to learn. To turn the TV on or off I’ve called the command power. Not exactly rocket science at this point.

Then hit the Call Service button and push the button of the remote while aiming it at the Broadlink IR device. Home Assistant will give a green arrow where the Call Service button was when a code is registered and learned.


To test if it works use the Remote: Send Command service and put the same information in as previously. Hit Call Service to send the command.

Simples! once the command is learned it can be integrated into scripts as previously.