Privacy Policy

1. Analytics

I use Matomo for analytics on the site. Really, I’m just interested in site visitor numbers and where people come from globally to read my posts. I don’t do anything with this data, but for the sake of transparency;

  • All ip addresses are completely anonymised.
  • No third party is able to see the Matomo data. It is never shared.
  • Cookies are disabled.
  • Old data is deleted every 180 days.
  • Do Not Track requests are set to be respected in Matomo.

2. Cookies & Tracking

There aren’t any!

As suggested above, any data tracked is anonymised and there is no unique id to identify you.

That said, there are parts of the site which still need to be updated to better preserve privacy. Currently Google Fonts are used, as is the Font Awesome set of icons. I will be looking to remove both of these in the future.

3. Licensing & Attributions

People are free to view, read, access or copy any of the data on this website. However, it would be preferable to have some attribution for any work copied or referenced. This could look like:

<p>Credit to <a href="">Chris Shire</a> for the original work.</p>

I reserve the right to modify this at any time…but I probably won’t unless something drastic happens. Let’s take a Bill & Ted approach and just be excellent to each other.