It sounds a bit luvvy and over the top, but I really appreciate being back at work. I enjoyed the Christmas break, but I really genuinely enjoy my job. I’m looking forward to the topics I’ll cover with my classes this term and just being in the classroom. I think that probably makes me a bit sad…but it’s true all the same. This is my tenth year as a qualified teacher and I think my enthusiasm for the job is fairly unchanged from when I started. Moving to the other other side of the world probably helped with that.

I have had a couple of former students visit me at work this past week and it’s been great hearing how they’re getting on at university. Early in my career I never maintained any sort of contact at all with graduating students, but I think I might be softening in my old age. It has made me think a little bit about some of my teachers when I was at school. I remember a good number of them, but some really stick out as having made an impression on me. I think all teachers hope that some of their students remember them in the future.

Here’s to another decade!