Just a quick one. Distributed computing has always been fairly interesting to me, but I’ve never really experimented with it. By the time I had the hardware and time to really look into things like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the level of computing power necessary to unlock new coins cost more in electricity than they were worth.

However, Folding@Home is different. This allows your computer to be borrowed by researchers to model the folding of proteins to better understand disease. That last sentence does suggest I know what that means…I don’t really.

That said, they have turned their attention to COVID-19. I encourage everyone to get on board with this. I’ve installed the client on several of my machines and set them to run when idle. It might cost a little more in electricity this month…but frankly it I quite like the idea of being a part of something for the greater good.

It takes about 5mins to install - look into it!

Check this link to find out more.